A 24/7 personal manager
Remote construction monitoring: track progress on your phone
VAT included
We say no to generic cliches.

All our houses are custom-designed.
Our architects have more than 15 years of experience in building log houses.
We do not start construction before they test all concepts as 3D models.
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Why do our clients choose us?
Our team has all professionals
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architects, builders, engineers, and more.
  • We have what it takes to work with special clients
    Our clients include very successful people, from company CEOs to high-ranking government officials.
    We know what confidentiality means.

  • A personal manager ready to solve any issues 24/7
    You don't need to juggle a dozen different contacts: address all your questions to just one person.
  • Flexible payments
    We ask for payments in installments in order not to freeze the entire sum at once. For your convenience, VAT is included.
  • Uniqueness
    Your house will be one of a kind. We don't do standard designs. Each of our projects gets developed from scratch and is never replicated.
Our houses are made out of logs 300 to 1000 mm in diameter, cut from 150 to 600 year-old timber.
We use different joinery styles: Russian saddle-notch joints, Canadian-style joints, or Post & Beam.
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Work process
We meet with you, either at your office or ours, to discuss the task and suggest ideas.
We can arrange a tour of completed houses, if required.
We create the architectural and structural design, followed by the design of utility lines, interiors, and the master plan.
We construct the house at our facility in Krasnoyarsk Krai, then disassemble it and send log trucks to the site.
We assemble the house on your property according to the Canadian International Log-Building Association (ILBA) standards.
We control shrinking (depending on the technique) and, in due time, apply finishes.
We install utility networks, windows, doors, finish the walls and ceilings, etc.
Acceptance and follow-up
We won't leave you to your own devices once you've accepted the house. We are going to monitor wood shrinkage and carry out corrective works, if needed.
Online construction control
We send our clients a photo and video report in a WhatsApp chat every week.

You can also use this chat to ask any questions to our experts and send us documents.

Manufacturing in Siberia
We work with premium Siberian timber.
Your future house will be built from the best old-growth tree species:
Angara pine, Siberian cedar, or larch.

Our team has been building log houses in various joinery styles for more than 15 years.
Every part used in building your house is hand-crafted.
Centuries-old timber
Angara pine is more resistant to sharp temperature drops and moisture than other pine types, while still retaining its natural qualities.

Cedar wood contains biologically active components with protective and antibacterial properties.

Larch wood has a high density, which means that it absorbs almost no water or moisture and is resilient to biological impact.
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Our partners
We cooperate with reputable international companies and officially represent several of them.
Head office:
89 Vodnikov ul., Samara, Russia
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